Saturday, March 24, 2018

Self-preparation questions for VCP7-DTM exam

Recently I have passed the 2V0-751 exam to receive the certified status VMware Certified Professional 7 - Desktop & Mobility

To help prepare for the exam, I wrote down a pool of test questions for self-preparation (70 questions).

Some sample questions:

Question 1.7 Which optional components are selected by default during Horizon View Agent installation? (Select three)
A. USB Redirection
B. Real-Time Audio-Video
C. VMware Horizon View Composer
D. VMware Horizon Instant Clone
E. Client Drive Redirection
F. Scanner Redirection

Question 1.12 Which statement is true related to Instant Clones?
A. VMware Horizon Instant Clone component is required
B. View Composer is required
C. Datastore with VAAI is required
D. vSphere 5.5 or later is required

Question 2.9 An administrator is planning to upgrade desktops to the Windows 10 via Mirage Windows OS Migration feature. Which USMT file version must be imported?
C. USMT 6.3
D. USMT 10.0

Question 3.9 Which authentication profiles are supported for Web applications published through the Identity Manager? (Select three)
A. Kerberos 5
B. OAuth 1.0
C. OpenID 2.0
D. SAML 1.1
E. SAML 2.0
F. WS-Federation 1.2

Question 4.8 Which Machine Manager types are supported by App Volumes? (Select three)
A. VMware vCenter Server
B. ESXi Host
C. Citrix XenApp Farm
D. VMware Identity Manager
E. Horizon Published Apps
F. VHD In-Guest Services

Question 5.2 Which components are selected by default during User Environment Manager installation? (Select three)
A. FlexEngine
B. FlexMigrate
C. FlexProfilesSelfSupport
D. FlexManagementConsole
E. SyncTool
F. Helpdesk Support Tool

Question 6.2 An administrator is planning to configure vROps for Horizon to monitor View Connection Servers. What should the administrator install on View Connection Servers?
A. Install Horizon adapter on every View Connection Server in the Pod Federation.
B. Install Horizon adapter on one View Connection Server in every Pod.
C. Install broker agent on every View Connection Server in the Pod Federation.
D. Install broker agent on one View Connection Server in every Pod.

You could download the full document via the link:


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