Thursday, March 15, 2018

PCoIP Log Analyzer PowerShell cmdlets

For troubleshooting purposes I created a bunch of PowerShell cmdlets, which allows to analyzer PCoIP Log files generated by Horizon Agent v5.3 - 7.x. 

Cmdlets are available on the GitHub:

Cmdlets provides detailed information about PCoIP session.

Results could be exported in the .txt file, .csv file, or HTML report with graphs.

Cmdlets are packaged as a PowerShell module. To install the module simply copy the PCoIPLogAnalyzer.psm1 on the PC and run Import-Module PCoIPLogAnalyzer.psm1 to add cmdlets to the PowerShell.

The module contains cmdlets:
  • Get-PCoIPStatistics
  • Import-PCoIPLog
  • Show-PCoIPStatistics
  • Export-PCoIPStatistics
Get-PCoIPStatistics is used to analyze log file and create a report, and has some parameters.
Get-PCoIPStatistics -FilePath <string> [-ResultPath <string>] [-Format <string>] [-NoScreenOutput] [-MaxSamples <int>]
  • FilePath <string> - (mandatory) Specify path to the pcoip_server log file.
  • ResultPath <string> - (optional) Specify path to export results to the file.
  • Format <string> - (optional) Specify the report format. Supported values are: CSV, HTML or TEXT. By default data is saved in the TEXT format.
  • NoScreenOutput - (optional) Specify this parameter, if you want to skip output the result to the console.
  • MaxSamples <int> - (optional) Set the maximum number of rows to output. If not defined, the default value is 500.
#Analyze the log file and print results on the screen
Get-PCoIPStatistics -FilePath "C:\Temp\pcoip_server_2017_12_19_000034d0.txt"

#Analyze log file, generate the report and export it to the HTML file
Get-PCoIPStatistics -FilePath "C:\Temp\pcoip_server_2017_12_16_00000230.txt" -ResultPath "C:\Temp\report.html" -Format HTML
Current version has known limitations:
  1. Current version supports pcoip_server log files generated by VMware Horizon Agent version 5.3, 6.x or 7.x. Other versions could have some changes in log format and are not supported.
  2. Current version does not display some statistics from log files from desktops with PCoIP Hardware Host Card (Teradici Remote Workstation Card).
  3. To correctly display the styles and charts in the HTML report, your computer needs access to and to download additional java scripts and stylesheets.


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